5 Office Trends for 2022

Whether you are returning to the office, staying at home or hybrid working, having a suitable work space has become highly important since COVID-19. Today, we wanted to share the latest office trends you should know about for the new year.

Greenery and Outdoor Space

Since the pandemic, many individuals desires have changed since the pandemic, as they look to incorporate more nature within their working environment. According to studies, plants and natural elements have a positive increase on productivity and well-being levels.

At BB&J Commercial, we have incorporated greenery into the office by having small plants on our desks and even having a seating area outside (although the weather right now will not allow us to sit outside!)

Comfort in the Working Environment

With many being accustomed to working at home, offices should now look to incorporating comfort within the design of their working environment. Some items that can create comfort include plush carpets and soft seats.

By using various comforting materials around the office, it can increase productivity, creativity and also improve the mental and physical wellbeing in the office.

At the BB&J offices, we have comfortable office chairs, seating area and comfortable chairs in our board room. We have also incorporated LED bulbs in our offices, to ensure every room is light and bright throughout the year. In addition, we also have air conditioning in our offices, to ensure they are at the right temperature for everyone to work in.


This trend may seem obvious but has a huge impact on the way people work. By creating an open, spacious environment, it creates and encourages collaborative working and creativity. In addition, space allows light to spread and natural air to flow around the work space, ensuring people feel comfortable.

At BB&J Commercial, we have ensured that our team has space in the office, not just to make the place look nice but also to ensure the safety of our staff too. While restrictions may have lifted, we understand the importance of keeping everyone safe.

Flexible Working Space

It is important that a working environment allows for people to work in different ways. Whether you have separate rooms to allow employees to change their surroundings or have adjustable standing desks to adjust how people work.

BB&J Commercial have a state of the art board room that allows the team to work collaboratively or individually with plenty of space. We even have a large TV screen allowing members of the team to share content or communicate with people outside of the office, allowing us to be efficient in the work that we do.

Building a Community

After a year of very little physical interaction, it is really important that offices are encouraging their teams to build a community. Whether you have a designated common area or find ways of connecting in other means.

At BB&J Commercial we are really lucky to have a team who loves a treat every now and then. We occasionally have some lovely homemade bakes and even a bacon sandwich on a Friday, yummy! While these actions may be small, it can make all the difference to the working environment and is a great way of making everyone feel involved.

So, what do you think of these trends? Will you be using these going forward? Let us know by engaging with our social medias!


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