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As an RICS registered Firm of Chartered Valuation Surveyors we offer a wide range of surveys and valuations not only on commercial buildings but also residential properties. But why would you need one? Our Partner Mark Richardson advises further:

“In simple terms Chartered Valuation Surveyors are in the unique position to advise you on both the value and condition of the property you are buying. We are rigorously trained over several years and professionally qualified to advise on property. It’s a service we provide to a range of clients including individuals and clients such as banks, solicitors, accountants and developers across the private and public sectors.

The number of qualified Chartered valuation Surveyors is relatively limited, and as such our surveying services span both residential and commercial properties.

Commercial properties are commonly valued for purposes such as bank lending, pension funds and acquisitions.

Residential surveys can be undertaken for a wide variety of purposes and quite often we advise private individuals on the value and condition of a house they are buying in the form of a Homebuyer Report (or Scheme 2 Survey as it is sometimes known). This provides a detailed report on the condition and value of the property as well as advice on what needs to be investigated or repaired. It’s a useful report for any private client and provides valuable advice at a modest cost compared to the price of the property. We are able to discuss our clients’ specific concerns with them prior to inspecting to ensure these are reported on.

More specialist valuation reports can be carried out for a wide range of other purposes such as inheritance tax, matrimonial division, and Charity disposal. These tend to be more complex reports sometimes reporting to the Courts directly, and as such require very specialized knowledge above and beyond that of a Chartered Valuation Surveyor. Again we are in the fortunate position of being able to provide these by virtue of my being additionally qualified as an Accredited Expert Witness as listed on the RICS Expert Witness Register.

In summary there is very little we cannot provide advice on in terms of surveys and valuations for private individuals, fellow professionals and others. I am always happy to have an informal discussion with potential clients prior to instruction so that they can be sure they are getting the most suitable professional advice.”

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