BB&J Finalises Aerospace Relocation Property Deal

BB&J have been working proactively with Blue Sky Industries to meet their relocation requirements in line with its expanding European operations to meet increased business opportunities with Airbus and other major OEMs across Europe.

Partner at BB&J, Graham Bancroft secured the listing for the industrial unit on Westside Park, Belmore Way, for owners Bailey Construction and quickly turned round the deal with Blue Sky Industries who were keen to move their operations to the city – paving the way for further growth and job creation.

Blue Sky Industries has been established for 26 years and set up in the UK five years ago with an initial focus on the Aberdeen offshore oil and gas helicopter fleet.

The company has more recently developed a strong relationship with Airbus and their major subcontractors who are rapidly expanding manufacturing operations in the UK and mainland Europe with greater requirements for Blue Sky Industries’ range of fasteners, components and materials.

General Manager Jonathan Morgan explained that Blue Sky Industries was founded in California with other worldwide operations established in Brazil and China.

He said that the privately-owned company was planning to expand its current workforce of ten in the UK to around 25 in the coming two years in sales, inspection and warehousing roles – all based at the new Derby location.

Mr Morgan said: “We are expanding in line with growth in the aerospace industry and particularly Airbus and were keen to find new premises which would give us long-term capacity to grow our workforce and operations.

“Derby is at the heart of the UK aerospace industry with unrivalled transport links so we were keen to relocate to the city.

“We have been working with Graham at BB&J to find suitable premises – benefiting from his local knowledge and proactive work to make things happen.

“These are the perfect premises and relocating here this Spring will be an exciting milestone for both Blue Sky Industries and our UK supply chain.”

Graham Bancroft from BB&J continued: “Having worked closely with Blue Sky Industries to understand their requirements, and having recently taken the instruction to market this unit from Bailey Construction we thought that they would be a good match.

“They recently acquired this property with a view to achieving a letting and we were able to quickly bring both parties together to secure the deal.

“This further strengthens Derby’s credentials as the home of planes, trains and automobiles and proves that the city is at the top of the relocation wish list for supply chain businesses across the transport industries.


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