Britons are Spending More on Home Delivered Meals than Before the Pandemic Struck

During lockdown there was a surge in demand for takeaways and home deliveries as people started to realise that as well as traditional pizza or curry, it was easy to have other favourite dishes delivered, from afternoon tea to late night snacks.

As a result of the lockdown, many food outlets pivoted on the spot to keep up with these sudden new demands.

However, despite the chances of being able to dine out has returned, demand for home deliveries and takeaways are continuing to grow.

Nearly a quarter of people are spending more on takeaways and food deliveries now than before the pandemic, according to the market research group Mintel.

Prior to COVID, Britons were spending around £38 per month each on takeaways, home deliveries and meal kits, a trend that was already growing. But between spring 2020 and spring 2021, the average monthly spend per person reach £53.

But what does that mean for commercial property?

Mark Richardson, Partner at BB&J Commercial said “traditionally there has always been a bit of a premium payable for hot food takeaway property in any case, as it not a use that is always readily available from a planning perspective. The scarcity factor therefore tends to drive up demand from potential tenants and owners, along with higher rents and capital values.”

“The Covid pandemic has sped up the transfer from high street to online retail, and likewise I think people now enjoy being able to order online and eat restaurant food at home without the experience of having to sit with others. It’s an interesting by-product of the events of 2020 when we were suddenly allowed to order takeaway food but couldn’t go out. A lot of restaurants that didn’t previously provide takeaways started doing so and that was helped by the proliferation of delivery services. It’s introduced a new aspect to our social life, and I foresee it is here to stay.”

“Perhaps future restaurants will consider having different entrances, to ensure that nothing will interfere with the customer flow and customer experience for those visiting the restaurant, and ensure a smooth pick up for the delivery drivers.”


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