Charity of the Year Safe and Sound Shares Their Plans for 2021

BB&J Commercial’s Charity of the Year, Safe and Sound, has recently released their plans for 2021.

Safe and Sound is Derbyshire’s long-established and specialist child exploitation charities. They protect and support children and young people affected by exploitation which includes online grooming, sexual exploitation, trafficking, drugs, modern slavery, and radicalisation.

Why is this important to businesses?

Official research, crime statistics and through the charity’s experience, reveal that any child or young person is at risk of exploitation – regardless of their characteristics or background. Therefore, it is important that awareness is raised as you, a friend or colleague could potentially be affected by the stress and suffering of child exploitation which, understandably, would affect work performance.

As you may know one of our Partners Mark Richardson is also a trustee of the Derby based Children’s Charity.

A key focus of the Charity this year is raising awareness of Child Exploitation. Specifically, they want to raise awareness amongst businesses to safeguard the wellbeing of team members and their families. Safe and Sound CEO Tracy Harrison has prepared a ‘business brief’ aimed at businesses so they can distribute it to their teams, to help recognise potential issues where they arise. To see the business brief, click here. To find other ways of supporting the charity click here.

Mark commented “it is hugely important for all of us to recognise that these issues can affect any child, anywhere. Sadly, the last year has seen a growth in child exploitation, particularly online. It is important that we all recognise the signs, and Safe and Sound have put together a really useful document which I hope provides a valuable resource for those in the business community about the issues we face. If all businesses acknowledge the issues and educate ourselves, we are all better placed to tackle them.”

Safe and Sound share plenty of ways you can raise awareness protect a young person’s social media channels. They also organise awareness sessions for individual businesses and their staff teams.

For more information, please contact or visit their website


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