Post COVID Working – Working Towards a Post-Pandemic Future

Since the UK government has launched their roadmap to easing lockdown restrictions, businesses across the nation, at last, are starting to see a spark of a post-pandemic future.

On the 23rd of March 2020, the UK entered its first COVID-19 lockdown. Unknown to many at the time, this national lockdown would be the largest work from home experiment in history. However, since the Government has released its roadmap of easing lockdown restrictions, businesses across the nation are starting to see a spark of hope for a post-pandemic future.

Despite widespread criticism of the UK’s approach to combating the pandemic, as the vaccination program rollout continues with pace, we are now seeing over 30 million people receiving their first dose of the vaccine. As a result, the UK economy is beginning to reopen gradually, with GDP growth set to increase by 5.4% this year.

As lockdown restrictions ease, businesses are now starting to turn their attention to the prospect of returning staff to the office. As a result, the popularity of flexible working is likely to grow, meaning it is imperative that a business’s office space must be relevant, enjoyable and provide purpose, as they navigate through the future of work.

Graham Bancroft, partner at BB&J Commercial commented “whilst the business world changed to meet the demands of the working from home last year, there has been a distinct change in ethos with demand from both business owners and staff to get back to the office. Homeworking has allowed businesses to function, but it has stifled growth for the majority as well as any form of collaboration which many businesses and people thrive on.  Despite what some people might think, the office market is far from extinction and we are seeing a big increase in enquiries for office space since the turn of the year with numerous deals having also been agreed.”

He continued by saying “my own opinion is that the regimented 9am to 5pm day in the office may change to more fluid timings as and when possible, to give people the flexibility that they may require at times.  In addition, the stigma of ‘working from home’ for a day or two a week will also be removed now, but the main office will always still be the principal working space for the majority of businesses going forward but perhaps more care and attention will be given to the offices chosen, in order to make sure they meet both the companies needs and also the needs of the employee’s wellbeing.”

BB&J Commercial has officially returned to office and are continuing to work in the thriving business district, which is crucial for the economy right now. And this period shows that being thoughtful, agile, and open-minded is needed more than ever.

We understand that this last year has been difficult for many. So, if you are a landlord or vendor and are contemplating marketing your commercial property or alternatively, if you are an existing tenant and are looking for a solution to an existing lease or have a property requirement, please do not hesitate to contact us and one of our team will be happy to help.

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