£58 million to be Given to Councils for Home Building on Derelict Land

It has recently been announced that thousands of new homes are set to be built on previously derelict land, as part of Government plans to regenerate local areas.

Almost £58 million will be given to local councils to redevelop brownfield sites as part of the Government’s levelling up agenda.

Ministers are saying that the fund could also support up to 17,000 jobs across the housing and construction sector.

Figures have shown that England needs 345,000 new homes every year.

Ministers have said that boosting housing supply is central to their commitment to tackle regional inequalities.

They have pledged to build up to 300,000 new homes a year by the mid-2020s, with 244,000 delivered last year.

However, some plans for sweeping changes to England’s planning rules have been paused after some backlash from some Conservative MPs, who are concerned that local communities have been side lined.

Under the plans announced, 53 councils across England will be given pots of money to build an extra 5,600 homes and transform the former derelict sites.

A breakdown of the allocations shows that more than three quarters of the money will be going to councils in London and the south of England. However, other funding linked to the levelling-up agenda, such as £1bn Towns Fund, is going mainly to the north west, Yorkshire, and the Midlands.

The funding breaks down as follows:

  • South West – £17.7m
  • South East – £14.3m
  • London – £12.7m
  • West Midlands – £3.6m
  • Yorkshire & the Humber – £2.7m
  • North East – £2.5m
  • East of England -£2.4m
  • East Midlands – £1.8m
  • North West – £0.2m

The department for levelling up, housing and communities have said that £57.8m has been allocated from a £75m Brownfield Land Release Fund (BLRF) to help transform ‘unloved and disused sites into vibrant communities for people to live and work’ with ‘unsightly derelict buildings and disused car parks and garages’ demolished.

According to the Government, the plans will boost the economy, while protecting the environment. They added ‘making the most of previously developed land is a government priority and it will help protect the cherished countryside and green spaces.’

Local Government Association chairman James Jamieson, said the funding would “play a crucial role in supporting the recovery from the Covid-19 crisis’ and support councils to ‘transform their assets, create better services, and release land for much-needed new homes and regeneration across the country.”

He added “Councils recognise how valuable this support is and are being ever more ambitious in their ideas to use this funding to kick-start transformation, regeneration, and new development in their communities.”

Ministers have said that the funding includes £5m for self and custom-build projects to help make it more affordable for people to build their own homes.

A further £20m from the BLRF is available for council bids, also designated to help accelerate the self and custom-build sector.

At BB&J Commercial we have seen land rise in popularity for many developers and are excited to see the Government invest more in local communities.

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